CAD modelling and drawing

We provide CAD modelling services to transform your ideas into 3D models. We can also create the associated drawings to establish the technical documentation of your system.

PCB design

We support the design of printed circuit boards with KiCAD. Additionally, we can produce 3D renders of the boards and components assembly in order to improve the spacial layout of the electronic boards.

FEM analysis

By using FEM analysis, it is possible to predict the reaction of a system to a given environment. We are mainly specialized in frequency response analysis and stress calculations. Our typical package includes all the steps from pre-processing (meshing, load definition, etc.) to post-processing and discussion of the results.

Tolerance analysis

Setting the right dimensional tolerances of a part constitutes a key step before entering any manufacturing phase. In this regards we offer tolerance analysis services aimed at optimizing manufacturing cost and system functionality.

C++ and Python programming

Whether it's for an Arduino based project or a scripted automation task, we provide programming services that will fulfill your needs. Our offer is designed for projects which are compatible with the C++ or Python languages.

3D printing

The 3D printing technology has opened new possibilities for manufacturing parts compared to the conventional machining capabilities. In this context, we offer 3D printing services to give life to your digital models. We can print using a variety of plastic materials like PLA, ABS, PETG and flexible TPU. The maximum dimensions are 200 x 200 x 200mm.