Lockate Games

Lockate Games is a project managed in collaboration with the Camping Village Simuni in Croatia. The objective of this project was to design a new kind of entertainment activity for group of friends or families. The activity takes the players on a tour around the campsite while solving various puzzles within a limited time. The players are provided with a guiding device which automates the management of their time, location and proposes hints if they cannot solve the puzzles.

Photogrammetry rig

The rig is designed to support a camera in order to take different shots of an object at specific viewing angles. The position of the camera can be set at intervals of 10 degrees on the vertical axis. The camera can fully rotate around the object and can be locked in place every 10 degrees. The rig ensures repeatability of the shots and accurate positioning of the camera for targetless scanning. The shots can then be processed by a photogrammetry software to create a digital 3D copy of the object.


Above are different renders of construction elements such as gates and fences.

Digital caliper data-logger

Development of an interface for directly streaming the measurement data of a digital caliper into a computer's USB port using serial communication. The data stream can then be plotted on a graph for better visualization in Excel.

Gym equipment

Design of a gym equipment that connects to a smith machine barbell shaft in order to train calf muscles. The person bends 90 degree frontward to position their hips under the device and lifts the barbell shaft by engaging calf muscles and transferring body weight on toes. The objective of the project was to create a connection mechanism able to clamp on various shaft diameters and easy to connect and disconnect to the smith machine.

Custom aluminum enclosure prototype

Design and manufacturing of an aluminium enclosure as part of a prototype for the 3D scanning industry.

3D Printing

3D printing of a variety of parts, including structural and non-structural parts. Optimization of the filament path in load bearing areas.

Metallic fabrication

Miscellaneous metallic fabrication operations such as laser cutting, sawing, bending, rolling and welding.